Coiled Tubing Services

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INTAJLLC leads the industry with its specialized, fit-for-purpose coiled tubing and associated pumping equipment; consistently delivering an exceptional client experience.

INTAJLLC also offers large-capacity and ultra-capacity, MAST based, coiled tubing spreads designed to reliably and efficiently service the increasingly challenging intervention programmes in the unconventional oil and gas markets.

INTAJLLC innovative intervention services conveyed on coiled tubing (CT) are designed to improve well and reservoir performance. CT applications include matrix and fracture stimulation, wellbore cleanout, logging, perforating, nitrogen kick-off, sand control, drilling, cementing, well circulation and mechanical isolation.

With highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, INTAJLLC can customize the service for job-specific requirements, providing exactly what a customer needs and requirments.

The revolutionary INTAJLLC MAST coiled tubing units are designed to:

Ø  Increase efficiencies

Ø  Reduce operational times

Ø  Improve onsite safety


INTAJLLC Low Pressure Mast CT Units are designed to provide a long service life at minimal operational cost and time. Each unit is designed to offer safe and efficient conveyance of coil tubing in all operations, and meet the highest technical, ergonomic, operational, safety standards. The mast design eliminate the need for additional crane for injector deployment and Track Stack.

Our trailer mounted coiled tubing mast units are capable of handling up to 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) of 2 inch coiled tubing. The unit is powered by the tractor diesel engine rated to 447 kW (600 Bhp).

Mounted in the sleeper of the truck chassis is the control console. The control console allows the operator to monitor the operation as well as control the various devices required to conduct a tubing treatment.

The functions of the injector, reel, power supply and auxiliary systems are controlled from a control sleeper, which provides the operator a vantage point to oversee the treatment operation. All movements of the Chain and Mast are monitored via life video streaming inside the operator control sleeper screen by means of High Definition Cameras.

These units are mounted on a custom-built trailer with components arranged to provide reasonable access for maintenance and ease of operation.

Typical operations include oil well displacements, fracturing, sand cleanouts, spotting acids for selective acidizing, milling and Fishing,N2 Lifting ,solvent pumping and pressure testing.


As the push for longer laterals continues in Oman, & the industry, INTAJLLC is enabling operators to efficiently complete wells at unprecedented depths. Our XL coiled tubing units are currently working in PDO HPHT gas wells, where we are establishing new industry standards for not only reach but also operating performance, safety and efficiency. The result: reduced total time on well, faster time to production and—ultimately—optimum reservoir performance.

With some of the deepest-reach coiled tubing service units in the industry, our unit is purpose-built for the greater depths and extended reach required in unconventional resource plays. Our large-capacity coil reel trailers can transport 23,500 feet of our tapered-design 2-5/8” inch coiled tubing, yielding lateral reach capabilities that exceed industry standard 2” coiled tubing by as much as 3,000 feet.

All INTAJLLC coil tubing units are equipped with AC electric injector heads and proprietary electronic programmable logic controller (PLC) systems, including X-Mill™ real-time milling software. This allows weight on bit to be regulated in conjunction with differential pressure across the motor, vastly reducing motor stalls and stuck-in-hole incidents that can damage equipment and compromise hole quality.

Annular velocity for the XL unit with a traditional 2-7/8” motor at 2.5 bpm exceeds that of a 2” coiled tubing unit by 25 fpm. In addition, an available 3-1/2” motor can accommodate a 3.5-4 bpm pump rate for annular velocities above 258 fpm. With greater annular velocity and a controlled run rate, more plugs can be milled per run so fewer short trips are needed.

INTAJLLC delivers superior coiled tubing services using best-in-class technology that reduces risk and improves economics through direct cost savings and enhanced productivity.


INTAJLLC fluid pumping units are fully integrated, with redundant twin quintaplex pumping units. Engine size and pump performance have been selected to support larger OD coiled tubing operations or standalone pump down treatments with 24-hour, continuous operations.  The units provide improved flow rates and annular flow velocities at design circulation pressures. In addition the units feature an in-line, heated, chemical additive system, which improves the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of milling and cleanout applications.

In addition, the unit features a unique agitator on each displacement tank to provide continuous homogeneous fluid.


INTAJLLC nitrogen pumping units support coiled tubing operations by assisting in underbalanced milling or cleanout operations and coiled tubing purging.  The units are capable of supplying up to 85 scm/min with up to 7,500 scm storage tank capacity providing solutions for a wide range of applications.

The integration of a nitrogen fleet into INTAJLLC’s coiled tubing services minimizes logistical concerns and increases job efficiencies allowing INTAJLLC to address individual needs of its customers and enhance the quality of its service.

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