Reservoir Testing and Fluid Sampling

Formation Testing and Sampling Services are often the most vital part of a reservoir characterization program.

INTAJLLC is particularly focused on providing world-class sampling solutions, developing industry-leading equipment such as the Armada Fluid Sampling System, Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-II), and Reservoir Description Tool (RDTTM tester), which incorporates the Oval Pad, Oval Focused Pad, Dual-Port Straddle Packer, and ICE Core Fluid Analysis Service, into the most complete formation testing system available today.

Formation testing tools are often used to address these challenges:

Ø Determine formation pressures

Ø Establish pressure gradients

Ø Identify reservoir fluid type

Ø Locate fluid contacts                  

Ø Calculate formation fluid mobility

Ø Collect representative reservoir fluid samples

Ø Analyze reservoir fluids in situ

Describe the reservoir architecture